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Food factories should wake up to dust dangers

Dust in food processing is often seen as a nuisance rather than a hazard

One-in-five food industry decision makers concede dust is an issue in their manufacturing plants but fail to address it adequately, a survey has found.

New IFT president Cindy Stewart aims to the IFT’s gobal community of food scientists

IFT boss to build global community of food scientists

Pearl Food Distribution was ordered to pay more than £16,000 in total for the hygiene offences

£12,000 fine for rodent urine in food warehouse

Adam Halal Foods Ltd has been fined £60k for food hygiene offences

Halal meat firm fined £60k for hygiene offences

Food safety culture tends to vary between companies, claim experts

Food safety: why it’s all a state of mind

Over 65s are more susceptible to listeriosis because of their dietary choices

Listeriosis in elderly linked to lifestyle

Greencore was fined £1M, after a contractor fell from a stepladder and died

Greencore fined £1M for worker’s death

Can lessons learned from the Sudan 1 scandal apply to the recent fipronil imported egg scandal, asks Food Manufacture edtor Rick Pendrous?

Are there lessons for fipronil from Sudan 1?

The Food Standards Agency has issued guidelines to curb the spread of fipronil-contaminated eggs

FSA reveals new contaminated egg guidelines

Thousands of Britons a year could be infected with hepatitis E from imported pork products, a report found

Imported pork ‘infecting thousands’ with hepatitis E

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