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Caution over consumer insight tests

Research on Coca-Cola’s ‘spiral’ Fanta bottle stalled for two years

Most brands would agree that some sort of consumer research is necessary when exploring structural packaging choices, but the jury is out on how much importance to attach to different insights and how to balance them against other design criteria.

Coca-Cola European Partners has unveiled in sustainability strategy

Coca-Cola launches sustainable packaging strategy

Consumers are often unaware of packaging’s role in reducing waste

Packaging’s role in cutting food losses

Exports were one of the top growth opportunities for food and drink manufacturers

Food manufacturing opportunities revealed in EEF plan

Biffa’s £7M investment in its Redcar recycling facility will create 20 jobs. Ceo Ian Wakelin (left) with Biffa Polymers’ general manager Owen Franklin

Food packaging recycling plant creates 20 jobs

Country of origin information for food and drink must be made clearer when shopping online, the NFU said

Product origin labels ‘must be made clearer online’

Virgin polymer prices have fallen, making recycling less competitive

Food and drink industry plastics recycling ‘needs more support’

Migration rules for chemicals through packaging many need to be reviewed

Food industry should ‘question chemical migration in packaging’

Food safety is less of a concern to UK consumers than consumers in Europe

UK consumers worry less about food safety than Europe

Interpack opens in Düsseldorf, Germany tomorrow

Interpack 2017 showcases innovation

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