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Food and drink manufacturers win Queen’s Awards

Food and rink manufacturers have been recognised at this year's Queen's Awards for Enterprise

Food and drink manufacturers have been recognised in this year’s Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, featured here in our photogallery of the winners.

More than 150 jobs were axed at Pulse Flexible Packaging

Administrator axes 152 jobs at packaging firm

Police are investigating an explosion at a food packaging firm

Police probe explosion at food packaging plant

Research has looked at substituting expanded polystyrene with biomaterials

Why it pays to keep circular economy options open

FDF hoped to improve the sustainability of food packaging

FDF launches packaging sustainability checklist

Food and drink packaging innovation will be on show at Pro2Pac

Packaging innovation on show at Pro2Pac

Domestic food waste could be cut by £1bn a year by improving food labelling and packaging

Food label changes ‘could save £1bn a year’

Food waste reduced by manufacturers

Manufacturers significantly reduced food waste

Wiese: carbonated drinks fillers are looking for new markets and formats

Single-serve PET bottles are now 'small and affordable'

Household food waste has increased to 7.3Mt

Household food waste rises, despite falls elsewhere

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