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BRC’s four key messages to reduce campylobacter spread

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There are four key messages from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) to reduce the spread of campylobacter, according to food policy advisor Elizabeth Andoh-Kesson.

In this exclusive video interview, filmed at Food Manufacture’s food safety conference, Andoh-Kesson said retailers and suppliers should include four key food safety messages for consumers on their produce labels. These included separating raw and cooked foods, washing hands after handling raw chicken, safe disposal of packaging and raw chicken shouldn’t be washed.

“Following a review of the types of labels people use on their product, we identified four key messages,” said Andoh-Kesson.

‘Reinforce that message’

“We’ve put all four messages on packs [of raw chicken], and it’s reiterated in in-store magazines. Some businesses have them on their websites too – particularly if you’re purchasing a raw poultry product or if you’re using it in a recipe, we try to reinforce that message.”

Retailers were working with suppliers to reduce the spread of campylobacter on farms and in the home, she added. She also said retailers were trying to increase the confidence of consumers, after the Food Standards Agency’s campylobacter survey was suspended.

The food safety conference was sponsored by Appetite Learning, GTS, Sealed air, Testo and the University of Greenwich.

Meanwhile, watch out for more exclusive interviews from the food safety conference.


BRC: Four key messages on labels
  • Don’t wash raw chicken
  • Separate raw and cooked poultry
  • Wash hands after touching raw chicken
  • Dispose of raw poultry packaging safely

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