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Gluten-free baking enzymes can improve bread softness

Two-thirds of consumers say the softness of gluten-free bread needs to be improved

A range of baking enzymes that allows gluten-free bread makers to improve the softness and moistness of their products is now available.

Cheese yields can be impacted by a variety of processes and ‘smart’ ingredients

Dairy innovation: milk price rises put cheese yields in focus

Genius Foods has partnered with the Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation

Genius Foods enters food science lab partnership

Cake products are able to retain their freshness for longer, DeutscheBack claims

Bakery goods kept fresher longer by enzyme

Brie: producers are challenged by how the rich texture and flavours change

Coagulant can remove bitter notes in soft cheese

A yogurt’s texture and flavour can be improved by the freeze-dried cultures, says DSM

Yogurt cultures range can reduce whey

Delvo Cheese CT-Taste: enables companies to produce cheese ‘more efficiently’

Cheese cultures cut ripening times by 50%

Hard to swallow: the SWA is appealing the ruling on minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland

Scotch whisky to appeal on alcohol pricing

Great British Bake Off boosts ingredients sales

Food ingredients sales boosted by Great British Bake Off

Moor Beer's Justin Hawke with the CAMRA accredited canned ale

World’s first canned real ale, cheered by CAMRA

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