Flavours and colours

Rare blue pigment offers colourant potential

The pigment is currently used in France to enhance the value of oysters

A rare blue pigment derived from algae could soon be used as a colouring agent in food, after €1.6M (£1.35M) was pledged towards investigating its commercial value by the EU’s Horizon 2020 project.

Food manufacturers are 'dragging their feet' on salt reduction targets, claims pressure group CASH

Manufacturers ‘fail to hit salt targets’: CASH

Colouring foods: switching from a synthetic to a natural variant is far from simple

Colours and flavours: why going natural brings challenges

Garlic, and white and red onion have been added to the IsoFresh range (© Kalsec 2017)

Natural flavouring range boosted by garlic and onion

Fruit, vegetables and edible plants make up the Exberry concentrates

Fruit and vegetable colouring foods at trade show

Bell looked at the top US food flavour trends for 2017

US food flavour trends for 2017

Up to 40 jobs to be created at BD Foods

BD Foods creates 40 jobs

A near fatal caffeine experiment has cost the University of Northumbria £400k

University fined £400k for near fatal experiment

Four key trends in food ingredients will dominate in 2017

Top food ingredients trends for 2017: EHL

Charnwood Borough Council found Catermix was mixing spices in the back of a 'dirty' van

Salmonella threat from ‘dirty’ van spice mixing

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