Food safety and labelling

System aids compliance with safety regulations

DocLogix's new management system aims to make compliance with workplace health and safety simpler

Compliance with workplace health and safety (H&S) regulations is claimed to be made simpler with an automated process and manufacturing information management system called Compliance Solution from DocLogix.

Today is the last day to book your early bird ticket for Food Manufacture’s food safety conference to take place on Thursday June 22 in Warwickshire

Last day for early bird food safety conference tickets

Nuts and milk sparked recalls at Asda and Dr Oetker

Food recalls sparked by nuts and milk

FSA ceo Catherine Brown has announced she will be resigning

Food Standards Agency chief executive to stand down

LGC Group has acquired the majority share of BRC Global Standards

BRC Global Standards acquired by LGC

Dr Roy Betts speaking at the food safety conference

Genomics takes on the food safety assessment mantle

UK consumers continue to be misled by some supermarkets and foodservice outlets about the origin of pork products

Consumers often misled by origin of processed meat products

Label danger: thousands of small food and drink manufacturers could be breaking the law by illegally labelling food

Food fraud fears on nutritional labels

Time is running out to book your place at this year's food safety conference at etc.venues, Prospero House, London on Thursday October 13

Food Manufacture’s safety conference: little time to book

Restricting disinfectant use could jeopardise hygiene in food production

Food safety update: biocides defy clean definition

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