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Processing affects how fat in plant-based food is absorbed: study

Fat absorbtion study: researchers compared the digestion of almond chunks with almond flour in muffins

Preserving the natural structure of plant-based food during processing can limit the amount of fat and energy absorbed by the body, a study has claimed.

The FDF has expressed 'alarm' at government plans to curb low-skilled migrant workers

Food industry slams leaked ‘plans’ to curb migrants

Less than half of Leave voters wanted the number of EU seasonal fruit pickers to decrease after Brexit

Leave voters: EU fruit-picker numbers shouldn’t fall

The study claimed a low-fat diet may increase the risk of death

Low-fat health risk study disputed by nutritionists

Products that improve brain function look set to compete with more established sectors

Brain-boosting functional foods are set to go mainstream

Veg firm M Baker Produce Ltd was ordered to pay £36,800 after a worker suffered a head injury

Veg firm to pay £36.8k for worker’s injury

Organic produce sales increased 7.4% over the past year

Organics opportunity to benefit manufacturers

Southern Salads entered administration with almost 260 job cuts

Brexit vote forces salad firm to close: 250+ job losses

Unemployment has fallen to its lowest level in more than 40 years

‘Protect labour market’, as jobless rate falls: CBI

A computer-generated image of Hughes Mushroom's new production site in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Mushroom producer’s new site to create 100 jobs

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