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Natural preservatives: how to boost your clean-label claims

Shelf-preservation: the natural preservatives market remains largely untapped

Cleaning up food labels is big business. But while some areas of the label are pretty much a done deal, in others, there remains much more opportunity for development.

The nutraceutical coffees were available to taste at Frutarom’s stand

Coffee gets an artichoke-flavoured twist

Ecotrophelia winning team; Yasai Caulirice Sushi

Ecotrophelia UK winner on attracting young talent

Coldpress Foods received a £2.3M investment from Odexia and Marechale Capital

Coldpress Foods to boost exports after £2.3M investment

EU health claim regulations for food can be a regulatory maze

EU food health claims helped by innovation strategy

Almonds have topped a survey of best-selling superfood ingredients. Meanwhile, don’t miss your free place at our sustainable snacking trends webinar on June 15

Almonds leads list of top 10 best-selling superfoods

The nutrition show expects to attract 1,000 exhibitors and 18,500 visitors

Vitafoods Europe: grounds for optimism

Williams: UK involvement in future big EU nutrition projects is in question

Brexit could impact UK nutrition research funding

A ‘fat-busting’ microbe has been identified in healthy intestines that helps combat obesity

Nutrition advice questioned by gut microbe scientist

Green algae: Sun Chlorella is available in tablet, granule and liquid form

Green algae set to be leading ingredient trend

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