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Quinoa production in UK boosted by deal

British Quinoa will supply several hundred tonnes of the crop annually from UK growers

Quinoa production in the UK is set to increase after a domestic grower struck a deal to supply three years’ worth of crop to Lincolnshire-based pulse processor Dunns.

Food popularity: avocados were second in the IRI list, up 28% on 2015

Almond milk and avocados top fastest-growing food

‘The protein trend is quite prevalent at the moment’: Carr

Gluten-free growth is creating new markets: Edme

Pea protein is typically used in gluten-free and vegetarian foods

World’s largest pea protein factory to open in Canada

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Plant-based foods: land of milk and money

Glanbia has agreed deals for Amazing Grass and Body & Fit

Glanbia buys Amazing Grass and Body & Fit for £156M

Professor Buttriss: ‘The evidence base has grown’

Can gut bugs promote good health?

Protein mix: claimed to maintain a balanced diet and appeal to a wide audience

Protein powder mixes for porridge and pancakes

Fat-reduction: the trend among food companies to reformulate is gathering pace

Healthy reformulation: how products measure-up

The ‘ecologically sensitive’ organic Sunfiber is derived from the guar bean

Health show focus for organic dietary fibre

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