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Easier to eat wholegrain can boost fibre intake

WholeSoft: allows easier absorbtion of nutrients such as calcium, iron and zinc

An Essex-based ingredients firm is helping to tackle the nation’s fibre deficiency by introducing a ‘soft-sprouted’ wholegrain that is said to be easier to consume than conventional varieties.

The WholeSoft range meets the demand for new wholegrain ingredients that are nutritious – at the same time as being soft and tender – and, therefore, more palatable and digestible, according to Edme.

Raw cereal grains

The novel technique involves raw cereal grains being steeped (soaked), germinated (sprouted) then pasteurised – rather than the conventional process of being kilned and dried.

All WholeSoft sprouted grains benefit from having the full bran layer, are low in starch, contain antioxidants, and offer easier absorption of nutrients such as calcium, iron and zinc, Edme said.

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