Caution over consumer insight tests

Research on Coca-Cola’s ‘spiral’ Fanta bottle stalled for two years

Most brands would agree that some sort of consumer research is necessary when exploring structural packaging choices, but the jury is out on how much importance to attach to different insights and how to balance them against other design criteria.

Food Contact Notification programme funding is considered to be at risk

Trump's US budget cuts raise food-contact regulation fears

The healthier packaged snacks market in the UK is in double-digit growth

Healthier snacks now eaten by more than half of consumers

Marks & Spencer’s new smaller packaging for its popcorn (left) compared to its previous packaging (right)

M&S slashes plastic used in snack packaging

Nick Brown explains how CCEP has become more sustainable

Coke boss gives packaging sustainability advice

A food packaging firm has been fined £80k for a forklift truck accident

Forklift accident costs packaging firm £80k

Coca-Cola European Partners has unveiled in sustainability strategy

Coca-Cola launches sustainable packaging strategy

Consumers are often unaware of packaging’s role in reducing waste

Packaging’s role in cutting food losses

The Queen pressing the button on the new PET bottling line

Queen opens £30M water bottling plant extension

Tyrrells rebrands popcorn shelf-ready packaging

Tyrrells rebrands popcorn shelf-ready packaging

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