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Nutrition’s future is linked to epigenetics

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The science of food nutrition has advanced more over the past 50 years than at any time before, says the British Nutrition Foundation director general Professor Judy Buttriss.

Fat absorbtion study: researchers compared the digestion of almond chunks with almond flour in muffins

Processing affects how fat in plant-based food is absorbed: study

The study claimed a low-fat diet may increase the risk of death

Low-fat health risk study disputed by nutritionists

Almost two-thirds of European consumers welcome pulse-based ingredients in products, Ingredion claims

Nutritional benefits of pulses winning over consumers: survey

Glanbia sales increased 9.9% at constant currency in the six months to July 1

Glanbia sales up 10% after starting new joint venture

Young scientists are being put off starting careers in nutrition research

UK nutrition research faces ‘potential’ crisis

Digital print meets Innate's needs

Digital print meets Innate's needs

Sports brands now have more opportunities to create ‘highly marketable’ drinks

Sports nutrition drinks boosted by lecithin-free option

London-based Erbology makes organic food from nutritional-rich plants

Two UK food start-ups named in PepsiCo programme

Plant protein demand is forecast to double in just eight years

Pea protein giant in €40M plant spend

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