Insect protein firm wins new BBC food supply chain award

Insect protein firm AgriProtein has won a new BBC Food and Farming Award

Insect protein firm AgriProtein has won the inaugural BBC Food Chain Global Champion award, for its pioneering work to help develop animal feeds from food waste.

Yellowfin tuna catches have increased in recent years, IATTC claims

Pacific tuna fishing rates ‘unsustainable’: wildlife body

Macb has recalled all flavours of its bottled water, after they were found to be spoiled by mould

Drinks firm Macb recalls mouldy water

Young’s has revealed its partnership with The Fishin’ Company as it continues its US expansion plans

Young’s Seafood announces US expansion plans

Scotland's seafood industry 'needs assurances over its future funding'

Scottish fish sector ‘needs Brexit funding assurances’

Young's Seafood has appointed Tim Busby as its new chief financial officer

Young’s Seafood hires chief financial officer

An automated system checks codes on Dawnfresh’s fish packaging line

Dawnfresh eliminates label and date code errors at plant

Coast & Glen has purchased a new factory in Inverness, Scotland

Seafood supplier to create jobs at new factory

HRH The Princess Royal visits RR Spink & Sons after its £3.1M expansion

Princess Royal opens RR Spink fish processing plant

Hilton confirmed it was in acquisition talks, reported to be for Icelandic Seachill

Hilton looks at Icelandic Seachill acquisition

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