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Antioxidant green tea extracts showcased at Drinktec

Drinktec visitors were able to try an instant tea based on the raw extracts

Tea extracts with a high polyphenol and catechin content were unveiled at Drinktec, which took place in Munich last week (September 11–15).

Meat-free: One-in-five under 25s do not eat any meat or poultry

Consumers continue to limit meat intake: survey

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Nutrition’s future is linked to epigenetics

Fat absorbtion study: researchers compared the digestion of almond chunks with almond flour in muffins

Processing affects how fat in plant-based food is absorbed: study

‘Obesity is one of the greatest health concerns of our time’: Policy Research Unit director Russell Viner

Childhood obesity research unit gets £5M

The study claimed a low-fat diet may increase the risk of death

Low-fat health risk study disputed by nutritionists

Bars retain a chewy texture for 12 months or more in ambient conditions, Arla claims

Whey can extend shelf-life of protein bars

Spirulina usage has so far been limited due to its high production cost

Nutrient-rich microalgae set to become cheaper

There was ‘severe migration’ from the carmine-based colourant in the strawberry with yogurt samples

Natural colourant shows stability success in yogurt and water

Surprising creations can be achieved when matching certain flavours with certain colours, GNT claims

Naturalness and surprising creations lead top beverage tips

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