Brain-boosting functional foods are set to go mainstream

Products that improve brain function look set to compete with more established sectors

The universal appeal of cognitive health products is putting the market in a strong position.

Adding value to waste products could be the future for food and drink by-products

Modern alchemy: profiting from food waste

Food and drink manufacturers voiced their concerns over the impact of Brexit on their businesses

Food Manufacture survey reveals Brexit fears

Open systems will be key in enabling food manufacturers to benefit from Industry 4.0

Food industry prepares for the digital age

Cheese yields can be impacted by a variety of processes and ‘smart’ ingredients

Dairy innovation: milk price rises put cheese yields in focus

Innovation has played a key role in Windyridge Cheese’s success, says Melvin Glynn (right), pictured with son Matthew

Cheese success is based on innovation: Windyridge

Food Manufacture’s food safety survey revealed corners had been cut to meet targets

Food hygiene corners sometimes cut to meet production targets

How much supply chain information from intelligent packaging should be in consumers’ hands?

Food packaging and the Internet of Things

Shelf-preservation: the natural preservatives market remains largely untapped

Natural preservatives: how to boost your clean-label claims

Bakkavor’s HR boss: ‘It’s important that we establish great training providers and that’s in regard to the whole Trailblazers system’

Bakkavor boss reveals her recruitment ambitions

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