Colours and flavours: why going natural brings challenges

Colouring foods: switching from a synthetic to a natural variant is far from simple

The trend towards natural colours and flavours brings challenges as well as opportunities.

ABP claims its Ellesmere facility is the ‘home of dry-aged beef’

ABP’s new meat processing plant: a look inside

Robotic systems supplier Stäubli talks about the adoption of automation by food manufacturers

Could cobots be coming to a food factory near you?

Software supplier Sanderson talks about the challenges of rolling out supply chain systems

Supply chain system rollouts present challenges

Soy: there is strong evidence to show it can benefit cardiometabolic health

Plant-based foods: land of milk and money

Many food manufacturers are studying the potential to make energy efficiency gains

Food manufacturers focus on energy efficiency

Food safety recalls: planning helps to minimise the damage

Food safety recalls: planning prevents crises

Fat-reduction: the trend among food companies to reformulate is gathering pace

Healthy reformulation: how products measure-up

The Apprenticeship Levy is likely to challenge many businesses

Food and drink industry prepares for the Apprenticeship Levy

Combating food and drink crime saves lives, says Andy Morling

The Big Interview with fraud fighter Andy Morling

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