Foods such as fish, olive oil, vegetables and nuts, can increase ‘good’ cholesterol

Heart health: why low cholesterol is no longer the focus

Ultra-runners: those on a ketogenic diet have achieved the highest fat-burning rates ever recorded

Energy and endurance: the ketone kings

Bone mass: like a bank account you want to deposit as much as possible into

Bone and joint health: bank on it

Provision Trade Federation director general Andrew Kuyk

Provision Trade Federation boss sets out his plans

Fire damage cost the UK’s commercial sector about £620M in 2012. But how far can the risk of fire be minimised by factory design?

Food factory design: Can fire risk be designed out?

Manufacturers are being urged to focus on supply chain consolidation and collaboration

Grocery supply chain set for revolutionary changes

Blood sugar management: there’s been a revival in interest in the glycaemic index

Weight management: it’s in the blood

Food for thought: younger people are increasingly looking to boost their brain power

Brain and cognitive health: bright young things

The Black Farmer brand was founded by cancer-survivor Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

The Black Farmer: Brand of Plenty

EU claims: the number of launches with a digestive health claim continues to increase, research has found

Dairy innovation: claim culture

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