Can turmeric really help cure cancer?

Buttriss: ‘Bigger, high quality trials are needed and now underway’

The yellow spice turmeric, a major ingredient in curry powder, has been heralded as a solution to cancer. But does the evidence stack up?

Baroness Susan Kramer, Liberal Democrat shadow business secretary

What a Lib Dem victory would mean for food manufacturing

Happy 90th birthday Food Manufacture magazine

Food Manufacture – 90 and still going strong!

Professor Buttriss: ‘Purchases of fruit and vegetables have continued to decline’

Family Food survey reveals fruit and veg decline

Internet of Things prepares for Internet of Things

Forget tomorrow, the future is already here

Professor Buttriss: ‘Resistant starch is naturally present in some foods’

Evidence for benefits of resistant starch is growing

Food Manufacture editor Rick Pendrous

Ireland will be crucial to the UK post Brexit

Professor Buttriss: ‘Sugar intakes are deemed too high’

Sugar reduction aims thwarted by sweetener confusion

Any US-UK trade deal will come at a price

Any US-UK trade deal will come at a price

Professor Buttriss: ‘The evidence base has grown’

Can gut bugs promote good health?

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