The FDF urged Hammond to boost exports funding

Budget requests: Boost export and R&D funding

The 20% sugar reduction target to cut obesity is unlikely to be met

Manufacturers face shaming over sugar targets

Sugar cut: Irn-Bru will reduce by 74 calories per 330ml can

Sugar content of Irn-Bru slashed by 50%

The British poultry sector has led the way in cutting the use of antibiotics

Antibiotic overuse is target for action

The Food Standards Agency has hit back at claims one in four abattoirs fail to meet basic food hygiene standards

FSA denies food hygiene failings in abattoirs

Some US food imports could prove hard to stomach, warns Professor Chris Elliott

US trade deal ‘may lead to unwanted food imports’

The agency worker’s hand injury could have been avoided, said the HSE

Food polythene firm fined after agency worker injury

Food and drink firms failed to pay a collective £36,000 in wages

Greencore Grocery and 13 other food firms underpay staff by total of £36k

A lobby group claimed pigs were living in squalid conditions at a farm

Wyke Farms rethinks deal with pig farm after video emerges

Employers should "face jail" for not paying staff their full wages, a union said

‘Bad bosses should face jail’ over unpaid staff wages

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