Soil degradation costs the farming sector £250M a year

Tax relief needed for sustainable production

Amazon has already launched its fresh delivery service in the UK

Amazon could open drive-thru stores

Lidl panned to create 360 jobs at its new distribution centre

Lidl to create 360 jobs at new distribution centre

Michael Bell delivered the City Food Lecture 2017 on behalf of Professor Chris Ellliott

Low food prices are ‘key for political stability’

The FTA dismissed claims that lorries caused major damage to British roads

Road transport group rejects lorry pothole claims

Amazon has launched both a 5,000 head recruitment drive and a new apprenticeship scheme

Amazon launches 5,000-head recruitment drive

Manufacturer's need to adapt their supply chains to the latest consumer tech trends

Supply chains need to adapt to technology trends

The NFU is lobbying government to ensure its members don’t lose out after Brexit

NFU seeks level playing field for post-Brexit

Many food manufacturers will have ‘uncomfortable conversations’ with their retail customers in the next six months, predicted Clive Black

Food price cuts may be on way as inflation returns

Any US-UK trade deal will come at a price

Any US-UK trade deal will come at a price

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