Food and drink product launches – in pictures

Food and drink product launches – photogallery

Glanbia has agreed deals for Amazing Grass and Body & Fit

Glanbia buys Amazing Grass and Body & Fit for £156M

Food innovation winners last year were Ryan Clifford and Dominic Urban. They received a Eotrophelia UK cheque for £2,000 from M&S's Sue Bell

Food students lured by £2,000 innovation prize

Weetabix has revealed plans to invest £30M in its Northamptonshire factories

Weetabix invests £30M but warns of price rises

Fat-reduction: the trend among food companies to reformulate is gathering pace

Healthy reformulation: how products measure-up

The ‘ecologically sensitive’ organic Sunfiber is derived from the guar bean

Health show focus for organic dietary fibre

Valentine’s Day, Burns Night and the Chinese New Year serve as inspiration for new product launches

Valentine’s Day product launches – in pictures

Peanut allergies can be very severe

Danes launch project to prevent allergic reactions

Jay Rayner highlighted the need for higher food prices

Food prices ‘must rise for our security’

The ASA banned two of Organic Burst's adverts for unauthorised health claims

Regulator bans two ‘superfood’ adverts

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