Confectionery makers are faced with increasing price volatility

Egg replacement could be answer to soaring prices

Professor Buttriss: ‘Resistant starch is naturally present in some foods’

Evidence for benefits of resistant starch is growing

Pea protein is typically used in gluten-free and vegetarian foods

World’s largest pea protein factory to open in Canada

A vegetarian/vegan health claim is nearly three times more likely to influence Asians

Healthy eating attitudes reveal east-west divide

Advances in food science are set to revolutionise the supply chain

Genetics and big data lead IFST spring conference

The European Food Safety Authority has updated its health claim advice

EU food safety body issues new health claim advice

Food nutrition reporting needs more sound science, says Professor Christine Williams

Food nutrition reporting needs more science

Garlic, and white and red onion have been added to the IsoFresh range (© Kalsec 2017)

Natural flavouring range boosted by garlic and onion

The Groceries Supply Code of Practice covers 10 large grocery retailers

Groceries Code comes under scrutiny

Nestlé plans to cut sugar in its confectionery by 10%

Nestlé to cut 7,500t of sugar from confectionery

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