NFU boss Terry Jones: Sharing positive food industry experiences will help to attract top talent

Sharing positive manufacturing experiences will lift recruitment

New food export markets could take 10 years to develop, said Promar International's John Giles (left). Meawhile, Paul Berryman (right) is taking part in a US trade mission

New food export markets ‘could take 10 years to develop’

The FDF’s Ian Wright urged the prime minister to reassure the food industry about its continued access to foreign labour

FDF boss urges PM to offer labour supply assurances

Manufacturers must be prepared to exploit global opportunities (Flickr/Kevin Gill)

Food firms must adapt to new markets pre-Brexit

The foodservice sector offers manufacturers opportunities (Flickr/U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Manufacturers should cash in on eating-out trends

Food manufacturers could benefit from dining out trends (Flickr/Herry Lawford)

Food firms to benefit from eating out trends

DEFRA minister George Eustice promised Brexit would mean less red tape

Food industry red tape to end after Brexit: DEFRA

Ross McMahon: “We have gone back to manufacturing using full cream in the milk”

Infant formula maker targets ‘world class’ manufacturing

What do millennials really think about the sugar tax? Watch this video to find out

The sugar tax: what do millennials really think?

Video highlights of the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards 2016

Food manufacturing Oscars – video highlights

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