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Police probe explosion at food packaging plant

Police are investigating an explosion at a food packaging firm

An explosion at a food packaging factory in Scotland is currently under investigation by police.

FDF hoped to improve the sustainability of food packaging

FDF launches packaging sustainability checklist

Food and drink packaging innovation will be on show at Pro2Pac

Packaging innovation on show at Pro2Pac

Yogurt lids can be formed in-line

Food packaging: options open up for in-line forming and sealing of cup lids

Hilton Food Group revealed plans for another food packing plant in Australia

Hilton Food Group plans for new Australian factory

Autocoding has allowed sushi maker Ichiban UK to cut labelling and packaging errors

Autocoding system ensures correct labelling and coding

High-speed heat sealing

High-speed heat sealing of grape punnets

Young's opts for simulated newspaper fish packs

Young's opts for simulated newspaper fish packs

Tna's VFFS packaging system

VFFS with labeller and inserter

TCL develops a packaging film suitable for ultra-high cooking temperatures

Ovenable film handles high heat

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