Obesity Debate

Nutrition’s future is linked to epigenetics

Read the Food Manufacture Group's 90th Birthday supplement in the September issue of the Food Manufacture magazine

The science of food nutrition has advanced more over the past 50 years than at any time before, says the British Nutrition Foundation director general Professor Judy Buttriss.

Fat absorbtion study: researchers compared the digestion of almond chunks with almond flour in muffins

Processing affects how fat in plant-based food is absorbed: study

‘Obesity is one of the greatest health concerns of our time’: Policy Research Unit director Russell Viner

Childhood obesity research unit gets £5M

It has been long known that antioxidants are present in stevia plants

First stevia antioxidant extract set for global production

The ban, extended to cover all non-broadcast media was a ‘sticking plaster’: DWF

Kids’ sugar advertising ban is ‘choking the industry’

The government focused on calorie reduction in the next phase of its childhood obesity plan

Food industry ‘ready for calorie-reduction challenge’

A growing link between obesity and poverty in Scotland has been identified

Health department’s obesity focus moves to calories

The British Retail Consortium and the Food and Drink Federation have launched a search for sugar alternatives

Manufacturers search for sugar alternatives

Cereal manufacturers were 'refusing to be transparent' by avoiding colour-coded front of pack nutrition labels, claimed Action on Sugar

Most manufacturers ‘go beyond labelling obligation’

Coca-Cola launches innovation crowdsourcing schemes (Flickr/Aviones Plateados)

Coca-Cola crowdsourcing seeks sugar alternatives

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