Obesity Debate

Nutrition advice questioned by gut microbe scientist

A ‘fat-busting’ microbe has been identified in healthy intestines that helps combat obesity

Conventional advice on maintaining health and avoiding obesity have been called into question by a leading expert on bacterial gut health – also known as the microbiome – who claimed that ensuring healthy bacteria in the lower intestines and colon has far more effect.

New healthy food guidance has been produced for schools

Schools get healthy food guidance

Sugar replacer Avanté is claimed to replicate the functionality of sugar in savoury food

Starch sugar-replacer has no taste impact

Sugar cannot be replaced by a single ingredient, claims Bayn Europe

Natural sugar reduction range extended

The sugar tax was victimising part of the food sector already lowering its sugar content, Watkins said

Sugar tax is a ‘blunt instrument’ against obesity

Cereal makers are always looking for ways to reduce sugar, claims the Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers

Cereal makers looking for sugar reduction plans

More than 20% of children are overweight or obese when they start school

More regulation may be needed after the sugar tax

Gut bacteria from overweight people impacts the health of mice, according to the NFI

Obesity in mice linked to gut bacteria, study reveals

Sugar-free soft drink alternatives should not be promoted as part of a healthy diet, the study claims

Sugar-free drink study slammed by scientists

What do millennials really think about the sugar tax? Watch this video to find out

The sugar tax: what do millennials really think?

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